31 May, 2009

How to record rip streaming net radio in Ubuntu Debian Linux easy steps

How to record streaming net radio in Ubuntu Debian Linux easy way. 
You kan do it from textmode or if you have Gnome desktop, use GNOME Terminal, 
and change to directory [You could 'mkdir' (make directory)] you want to stream to.
then you need to install 'streamripper'
$: sudo apt-get install streamripper

Here is how to use: 'streamripper (URL)' to rip,
just replace (url) with your stream,
and streamripper will be separating each song to own file and naming the files, if information is available. If you type:

$: streamripper (URL) -r 

then you will create a local relay on http://localhost:8000 
or relay port:XXXX be shown when ripping start.

You can then use that on your music player so you don't need to have 2 connections open to the web radio, to listen & rip at the same time.
If you don't want to have tons of folders everytime you rip, type:

$: streamripper (URL) -s

then all ripping will be save in that directory you standing in.

You can use
$: streamripper (URL) -a

to rip into a single file, and '-d' allows selecting directory for more options. 
$: man streamripper ... will tell more.

For a GUI way, 

$: sudo apt-get install streamtuner

It will appear in your menus, and allows you to browse large selection of web radio streams and just hit record button to record the stream with streamripper.
ripping will look like this, have fun.... :)

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